“I didn’t know she was a minor…”

Ignorance like any other crime suffers a heavy consequence especially where a minor is involved .Whether she or he consented to being with you, ignorance is never an excuse.

16 year old Alice had a fall out with her mother because of a phone she had which the mother had not bought. Being a teenager Alice did what most parents dread as a nightmare. She ran away from home and with the little pocket money she had, took a matatu from Molo To Nakuru town.

When she got to Nakuru town she was stranded because she had no relatives staying in Nakuru or anybody she knew. So she decided to stay at the matatu stage she alighted from.

John a dedicated Matatu tout in Nakuru town had been observing her for hours and when it was getting late he offered to help Alice whom he thought was lost. So he approached her and like a normal gentleman asked Alice where she was headed. Alice without wasting much time told John that she was travelling from Molo and was waiting for a relative who had not yet come to pick her up. John offered to give his phone but Alice claimed she didn’t know the relatives phone number.

It was getting terribly late and Alice had no fare to go back home and no place to sleep. Being a witty teenager, Alice approached John and told him that she had no place to sleep neither did she have any money. John being an Ignorant helper did not bother to ask Alice about her age, why would he? Like any other man Jane appeared old enough because of her body size and had a convincing argument about where she was from not forgetting that teenagers are good actors and Alice was an award winning actress.

So John took Alice to his home that night. Lucky for Alice, John was a respectable man and did nothing to her. He even slept at a neighbor’s house. Maybe it was because Alice was such a charming girl, or maybe it was her culinary skills that made her stay at John’s House for at least a week before policemen stormed at John’s house and arrested John.

John was handcuffed and accompanied by policemen whereas Alice was taken to the hospital by her mother .John spent 3 nights at the police cell because the medical results without a doubt proved that Alice had not been defiled or abused in any way. When John left the Police stations he swore to himself that he would never help a girl again.

Indeed there are many people who have been accused of defilement because unlike John they went ahead and had ‘consensual sex’ with a person they did not know was a minor. Most say that today teenage girls look like they are 18 because of how they dress, and talk. Again most people find it hard to ask a girl for proof of age especially when they have just met or the girl has approached them.

Some people offer to help a girl out for just one night and end up spending the rest of their nights in jail. It’s always because of the ignorance people have towards the law. A minor is a minor, they are protected by the law and if you want the full wrath of the law on you be ignorant. And teens are teens they throw tantrums, they will lie and even run away from home.

My advice, be a smart adult who is well aware of the law and consequences of not abiding by the law.

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