For as long as anybody could remember, the girl child has had to battle so much in her life. From Early marriages to being denied an opportunity to live her dreams. But needless to say some of those battles she has fought she has won.

Mary was just 8 years old when she started the fight to survive in her life. Her mother, the only guardian she had known for so long left them for marriage to a man that was not their dad. Being the oldest, Mary had to leave school and raise her younger brothers. She would wake up in the morning prepare her brothers and as they left for school she left for the streets to sell Bananas .Her neighbors, after three months had a wimp of what was happening to Mary as they had not seen her mother around and she was also not attending school . They offered to help her by looking for her relatives.

Luckily the neighbors found Mary’s father who had been living with their grandfather. Mary’s father took them to his home where he promised the villagers that he would take care of them.

All was well for the first one month and things were beginning to feel normal again .Even so Mary was still responsible for preparing food for the family ,fetching fire wood and doing some house chores. Things changed on night when Mary’s father entered her room while she was asleep and did an unfathomable humane act towards her.

He continuously Defiled Mary and beat her whenever he had a chance. He didn’t do it once or twice and stopped, No, he defiled Mary for almost a whole year all this while nobody knew.

When her performance dropped, her head teacher called her out and asked her to explain .It was only after so much probing that the head teacher found out what Mary had been going through. She immediately took her to hospital and reported her father .Her life changed for the better as she was rescued by a children’s home and was taken back to school. Her father was also arrested and given a life sentence for defiling a minor and physically abusing her.

Mary’s story is just among many stories of young girls who have to fight so many battles. It’s not the first time that a biological father takes advantage of a mother’s absence and defiles his daughter. Many at times such cases happen and people choose to ignore the sufferings of a young some painful cases even the mother knows what the father does but still chooses to remain quiet about it.

When you protect a girl against violence you have saved a nation. When girls grow up and become strong women they contribute largely to this great Nation, Look at the likes of Wangari Maathai. Girls need to be educated as well but learning cannot be conducive in the presence of violence.

This international day as we celebrate the girl child, let us protect her against any form of violence and report any case of violence against her.


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