An echo of a little child’s cry,

No attention, the father is violent

Pitilessly, the predator is on its prey

The fearful voice fades away, still no respondent.


Her mom is gloomy with tears covering her face,

She just lost a fight for her only daughter

The little girl shivering, acutely aware of the next phase

Extraordinarily delicate but to him, she is even prettier


He grasps her forcefully and mercilessly

She loses too, on the bed she is laid

A beautiful rose withers and is now scentless

Genuinely cold-blooded, he ruins his blood


Very thinly, the son can cut loose

Staggering and sweating heavily in the chilly night

He finds rest in the biting cold on the dewed grass

Unluckily, he is molested almost immediately by a ‘ghost.’


This time no escape, he is left breathless

His sister is no better; she bleeds to death

The rescue team’s effort became fruitless

Their mother’s heart is left with a void wrath


If only the mother had reported promptly

If only the by dwellers had responded hastily

Every gender is prone to danger equally

Boy or girl, they should be protected fearlessly and justly



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